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¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a la página para Sponsors de Latin Restaurant Weeks!

What is Latin Restaurant Weeks?

Well, for starters it’s to showcase restaurantes y chefs latinos. It’s also one of the country’s
largest celebrations of Latinos’ contributions to the culinary industry. Suena bien, ¿no?

Created by Karinn Chavarria and Warren Luckett in 2019, this event pays tribute to aspiring and
existing Hispanic entrepreneurs and culinary professionals in Chicago, New York, Houston,
Miami, and Atlanta. ¡Órale!

Want to contribute to 2023’s Latin Restaurant Weeks? ¿¡Te animas!?

About Our Partnership Program – ¿En Qué Consiste?

Becoming a partner is an excellent way to support Latin chefs and Latin food businesses while
also building awareness for your own brand. No olvidemos, comer rico también.

All kinds of organizations partner with Latin Restaurant Weeks each year, from small
businesses to large corporations. We regularly work with companies in the food, beverage, and
spirits industries, as well as food production, automotive, financial, and banking institutions. Se
puede decir que un poco de todo.

Why Become a Partner at Restaurant Week? – ¿Cómo me Beneficia?

Reconocimiento de marca, y mucho más.

Along with increasing brand awareness, becoming a partner at Latin Restaurant Weeks offers many other perks. It’s not just about slapping your logo on a banner.

Here are some key differentiators to keep in mind:

Consumer and Industry-Facing Campaigns – Diseñadas con Amor

You can choose from consumer and industry-facing campaigns when you partner with Latin
Restaurant Weeks. Whether you want to connect with other professionals in the culinary
industry or restaurant patrons, we have options for you. ¡Si Por favor!

Engagement Opportunities – Alcanza al Consumidor

Latin Restaurant Weeks’ partnership program provides multiple opportunities for you to engage
with consumers and other businesses, from welcome kits and partner swag (table tents,
posters, stickers, buttons, etc.) to unique consumer activations and experiential events. ¡Yo

Robust Analytics – Descubre Más Allá

We understand how important numbers are to your success. That’s why we offer access to
robust analytics that are relevant to your KPIs and help you gather valuable data to streamline
future campaigns.

Actual ROI – Lo Que se Invierte, se Regresa

Our partners see tangible returns on investment year after year. For example, we recently
partnered with El Jimador y Herradura Tequila Brands. Un tequila más por favor.
Our team helped them reach new markets by targeting Millennial participants, creating
promotional pieces with hip chefs, and developing unique activations for each city.

What Makes Latin Restaurant Weeks Unique? ¿Por qué nos escogerías?

At Latin Restaurant Weeks, ¡nos importas!

We genuinely care about the restaurant owners and want to highlight the country’s best Latin

We are also a minority, woman, and veteran-owned brand with a nonprofit foundation, Feed the
Soul, which we started in 2020.

As a partner, you can feel good about supporting a cause that helps restaurant owners and
minority-owned businesses.

FAQs – ¡Pregúntanos!

What Are the Dates for This Year’s Events? Fechas, Por favor.

The 2023 Latin Restaurant Weeks events are scheduled for the following days:
● New York City: June 2-16
● Houston: July 7-21
● Miami: September 15 -29
● Chicago: October 6-20
● Atlanta: November 3-17


How Do I Become a Partner before the launch dates? ¡Hablemos!

To discuss opportunities to sponsor restaurant week or learn about custom activations, email Estamos listos para empezar a trabajar juntos.

What if I Have Other Questions About LRW?

If you have questions about sponsorship events or whom to sponsor, fill out our online form.
¡Muchas Gracias!