5 places to have drinks on New Year’s Eve in Houston

Año nuevo, vida nueva! The end of the year gets closer every day, the air begins to feel electric, and we can’t help but feel a hopeful spirit lifting our steps. But before we jump into the new year, let’s have la ultima y nos vamos. Here are some of the best spots to send off the year with drinks, music, and of course, SABOR!

Nightlife in Houston, Texas, is one of the most exciting and vibrant scenes in the entire country. But out of all the good times to be had in the fourth most populated metro area in the U.S., there is one night that perhaps beats them all. If you find yourself ringing in the midnight moment at some of the best Latin bars in Houston, Texas, you’re going to find an amped-up experience born of generations of tradition. What many people don’t understand is that the single largest ethnic group in Houston is the Hispanic community. That’s something that goes way back and shapes how people foster unforgettable festivities here. Mexican culture has always played a big role in Texas history, as it was originally a part of Mexico. That unique mix of indigenous and Spanish backgrounds created the Tejano identity, which has thrived since the 1830s when Texas broke from Spanish rule, and the remaining communities rallied to assert their place in the new American territory. But heavily Mexican neighborhoods like Magnolia Park aren’t the end of the story. Obviously, establishing everything from churches and art collectives to founding some of the best Latin restaurants in Houston, the influence is powerful and can be found everywhere. Over the ensuing generations, other Hispanic groups have planted their roots here, from Salvadorians and Hondurans to Columbians and Guatemalans. The result? A city simply brimming with amazing Latin bars and restaurants. So, when it comes to New Year’s Eve, the trick is to find the best New Year’s bars and best New Year’s restaurants in Houston. Ready to sip on some of the most astounding Latin drinks in Houston this New Year’s? Check these five spots out.

1. Gloria's

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2616 Louisiana St, Houston, TX

Known as a top Latin food restaurant in Houston, Texas, since it first came into being back in the 1980s, Gloria’s Latin Cuisine has also become known for its fantastic Saturday night dance events! And if you think any old weekend night is hot here, expect the energy to level up on New Year’s Eve. You can expect a couple varieties of margaritas, the classic mojito, and the usual spirits behind any high end bar. Describing themselves as “Salvadorian with a Twist,” husband and wife team Gloria and Jose Fuentes serve up a menu full of goodies from typically stuffed corn tortillas called pupusas to the churrasco tipico, a plate of steak to die for. Special menus are put together for ringing in the New Year, but the standout at Gloria’s is the party itself. Enforcing a strict dress code, this is the place to celebrate midnight on your happy feet as the dance floor dazzles with hot Latin tracks and a light show that will send you into next year like a lightning bolt!

We also get a kick out of the Fat Buddha, rolls of fresh salmon and shrimp tempura with cream cheese, tempura crumbs, avocado, honey mayo, and tobiko. Its specialty rolls include the Rainbow Roll of eel, salmon, escolar (white tuna), and avocado and the Ocean Jalapeño Roll of cooked shrimp, squid, crab sticks, jalapeño, avocado, spicy mayo, cilantro, unagi sauce, fried garlic, and chili oil. Tsukiji also serves sashimi, vegetable maki, temaki, udon, ramen, donburi, and full entrees, such as Katsu, a traditional breaded and deep-fried choice of pork, shrimp, or chicken served with rice and miso soup.

2. Maize

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14975 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX

Viva Mexico! If you’re going to enjoy the taste of Mexican culture in Space City, then you better make sure to stop over at Maize! Chef Fabian Saldana has made this Latino hot spot his lifelong passion project. Having spent the first 19 years of his life in his native Mexico, he’s created a menu described as “equal parts adventure and nostalgia.” Authentic treats like the corn-on-corn dish tamal de huitlacoche and the duck-filled enchiladas de pato make it an everyday delight.

But when it comes to New Year’s Eve drinks, the craft cocktails here make it worth the effort! With Mexican twists on old favorites like the Oaxaca Old Fashioned to rum-laced “Maize Milkshake,” you can bet the bespoke beverages on the hottest night of the year will be lit!

3. Julep

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1919 Washington Ave, Houston, TX

In a town full of amazing things to do on New Year’s Eve, making a stop at one of the best Latin bars in Houston, Texas, should be on your list. If you’re the kind of person who is so into a sublime craft cocktail that you’re willing to wait 5-10 minutes for it to be properly prepared, then Julep is the place for you. We’re talking about a seemingly endless menu of adult beverages that astound and make serious spirits seekers line up at the bar. expect to encounter hundreds of high-end liquors of all kinds and choice classics like the authentic Hemmingway Daiquiri alongside modern concoctions like Cocktail del la Louisianne.

The bar eats here are fancy, from seafood towers to curated cheese boards. And yeah – New Year’s here is something else. While the offerings are super classy, Julep’s welcoming atmosphere means no dress code, so this is perfect for casual folks.

4. Xochi

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1777 Walker St, Houston, TX

If you thought we’d be talking about amazing New Year’s experiences without checking out restaurants in downtown Houston, Texas, then you would be wrong! A local favorite for striking the midnight hour and even following up the next morning is the spectacular Xochi. Legendary local chef Hugo Ortega whips up his authentic best to the menu here. Bringing marvelous moles from his defining years in Mexico City, the Oaxacan influence is strong in this kitchen.

If you’re thirsty, this place is famous for Mezcal Margaritas. And on New Year’s Eve, a special Vispera de Añoi fixed menu will delight alongside colorful costumes and passionate festivities. This one has been winning local awards for the food and if you can’t make it on the Eve, then check out their morning after New Year’s Day Brunch, which has quickly become legendary. Be sure to wash it down with one of Xochi’s roasted fruit Mojitos.

5. Diversión Cocktails

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7202 Long Point Rd, Houston, TX

It’s not every bar in America that can make Esquire Magazine’s Best Bars list, but Diversión has landed that special designation for a very good reason. We’re talking about a bar that proudly creates its own cordials, bitters, and tinctures homemade from scratch, using only locally sourced ingredients – and from their own farm!

The innovation doesn’t stop there either, with new menu items like duck carnitas tortes to try, always making sure to stay one step ahead of the foodie scene. Diversión also features a hip and elegant ambiance, which makes New Year’s here one of the coolest you can have. Accompany the live music stage with one of its famous “Forbidden Grog” New Year’s Eve drinks for a night you won’t soon forget.

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