Beat the Miami Heat with These Sweet Latin Treats

What are the Best Treats in Miami? – ¿Dónde ir para quitarse el antojo?

Miami spans 55.27 square miles and is known worldwide as a hotbed of Latin culture. In fact, 72.3% of the city’s population identifies as Hispanic or Latino! With such a large Latin American population, there are naturally plenty of opportunities to enjoy cuisine from countries like Cuba, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico — including a variety of desserts and drinks that Latin Americans have brought to Miami.

There’s no shortage of sweets in Miami, many of which come from Latin-owned and operated businesses. If you’re interested in expanding your palate and enjoying some cold, sweet, or creamy (or all three!) treats, Miami has a lot to offer, from Cuban gelato to brigadeiro (a Brazilian dessert made with chocolate and condensed milk) to specialty cocktails like the Pisco Sour (a Peruvian cocktail featuring pisco and lime juice) for those who are over 21.

If you’re not sure where to satisfy your sweet tooth and get a break from the Miami heat, we’ve done the research for you and know which spots offer the best options. In this article, we’re sharing nine top Latin-owned restaurants you can check out for refreshing sweet treats. Add them to your dessert bucket list and enjoy the best of what Miami has to offer.

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Cuando hace calor, se nos antoja un rico helado.

Have you been on the hunt for the best gelato in Miami? If so, Naranja Piña Gelato should definitely be in the running.

This adorable shop in Little Havana sells artisanal Cuban gelato made from the highest quality ingredients. The family-owned and operated business also has a food trailer in Hialeah for those who can’t make it to Calle Ocho. Así hay para todos.

What makes Cuban gelato different from other varieties? ¿Cómo se distinguen?

According to the owners of Naranja Piña, there are three key traits that differentiate it from other products:

Tradition and the desire to pass on the joy. Miguel, the owner, says his abuela felt joy watching others enjoy her incredible cooking.
Creativity and the desire to make something “out of the mold.”
Family, because ice cream is the perfect complement to any family gathering.

With over 40 flavors to choose from, there’s no shortage of delicious options at Naranja Piña, whether you prefer something rich and chocolatey, fresh and fruity, or anything in between.

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¡Solo viendo las paletas queremos todas!

Paletas Morelia promises guests a unique and personalized ice cream experience with handcrafted gourmet ice pops made with natural ingredients.

At this shop, which was voted the top destination for gourmet paletas in Miami, ice pops are made from scratch daily.

Frescas a diario, que maravilla! They definitely made it to our list of favorite treats in Miami.

The team produces their pops in small batches, using local ingredients for one-of-a-kind treats.

How did Paletas Morelia come to be? It all started with a group of friends and their search for the best paletas. When they couldn’t find any that met their standards, they decided to create their own.

The first location opened in Coral Gables in October 2016. Since then, the owners have opened two more locations in Wynwood and Aventura, making it even easier for locals and tourists alike to sample their gourmet pops.

– así desquitas el antojo, sea donde estés.

You can’t go wrong with any of the flavors at Paletas Morelia. However, we’re particularly partial to the fruity options, especially on a hot day!

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Si has probado los brigadeiros, sabes la delicia que te espera. If you want a creamy dessert that makes you say “OMG,” OMG Brigadeiros certainly won’t disappoint.

But if you haven’t tried one, what is a brigadeiro? Once you try one, you’ll understand why it’s on our List.

The story of this delicious dessert starts with Mr. Brigadeiro, Eduardo Gomes, and his 1945 presidential campaign. He and his team served a unique combination of chocolate and condensed milk at campaign events.

Gomes may have lost the election, but he still had a significant cultural influence by introducing this new and beloved dessert. ¡Y ahora es un clásico brasileño!

Brigadeiros come in a variety of flavors, from traditional chocolate to churro. Guests can also enjoy them in other ways, such as milkshakes and iced coffees.

OMG Brigaderios has locations in Coral Gables, Downtown Miami, Biscayne Boulevard, and Calle Ocho. A kiosk is also coming to Aventura Mall soon, so Floridians will have no shortage of opportunities to try these tasty treats! 

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Whether you prefer to wind down after a long day with an adult beverage or a milkshake, Bocas House has an option for you! Antojos para todos.

Bocas House features mouthwatering milkshakes topped with massive brownies, slices of cake, ice cream cones, and more. If you’re searching for the ultimate indulgence or have been searching online for “the best milkshakes near me,” it doesn’t get much better (or bigger) than these confections.

Digamos que no solo está en nuestra lista porque si.

What if you’d rather have something with more of a kick? Bocas House has options for you, too. Try a cold glass of sangria or a margarita. These flavorful and perfectly mixed beverages will cool you down and make the perfect happy hour drink.

Bocas House is known for its unique gastronomic concept and next-level fusion of Latin American cuisines. They promise to treat every guest like family, and from experience, they definitely fulfill that promise!

You can enjoy Bocas House’s creations at two locations: Doral and Weston.

17013 S Dixie Hwy, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

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Para cuando tienes antojo de cereal pero no es hora de desayunar…

Who says cereal is only a breakfast food?

At Milky Ways Cereal Bar, you can enjoy a cereal-inspired frozen treat in the afternoon or evening when it’s hottest outside, and all you want is something cold to eat or drink.

Milky Ways is the only cereal bar in Miami (and has been since June 2019). Its owners, Kevin Cossio, and Chelsea Hernandez, pride themselves on bringing their community together through a similar interest: El postre perfecto.

Digamos que si quieres satisfacer tu antojo, check. Por eso en nuestra lista…

Milky Ways offers a variety of milky cups, cones, and shakes. All options are made with ice cream, your preferred cereal mix-ins (they offer everything from Apple Jacks to Special K), and other tasty toppings like brownie bites and sprinkles.

As a bonus, the shop even sells vegan ice cream, so everyone can find something they enjoy!

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Si buscas una panadería cubana, esta es para ti. If you haven’t gotten a chance to try Cuban pastries, add this to your list.

CAO Bakery & Café is the fastest-growing Cuban bakery chain in South Florida. They currently have a dozen locations throughout the area and are on their way to building even more.

Whichever location you visit, you can trust that you’ll find a variety of baked goods (sweet and savory), as well as juices and milkshakes that make the perfect addition to any meal or snack.

CAO is named after the Cao family, which consists of three generations of skilled bakers. Negocios familiares exitosos son siempre lo major!

CAO is also an acronym. It stands for Cuban American Original and represents the bakery’s mission to provide “the best of Cuban baking in a warm and inviting café atmosphere.”

After visiting multiple shops in South Florida, we can say that they’re doing a great job fulfilling their mission.

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When you think of a place to get a cold Latino treat, a sushi restaurant might not be the first spot that comes to mind. Once you’ve tried the pisco sour (or any other beverages) at Sokai Sushi, though, you’ll change your tune.

Este lugar de fusión Peruana y Japonesa abrió sus puertas en 2013. It has locations in Doral, Flagler, The Falls, Kendall, and Downtown Miami. At every location, their menu features the best seasonal ingredients used to craft creative, palate-enhancing flavors.

Much of Sokai’s menu, including the stocks, sauces, entrees, and pastries, are all made from scratch daily. They also support local producers when purchasing wine, seafood, and produce.

If you want something cold and refreshing (either alone or served alongside your sushi), you can choose from specialty cocktails like the pisco sour, yuzu sour, and sake mule. The restaurant also offers lemonades in a variety of flavors, including matcha, passionfruit, coconut, and strawberry.

102 NW 25th St, Miami, FL, United States, Florida

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¿Buscas comida peruana? If you prefer more traditional Peruvian fare and want to enjoy a cool drink alongside your meal, head to Manta.

Un clásico en la lista, siempre.

The restaurant specializes in seafood. However, they also offer a range of incredible cocktails, including the pisco sour, pisco sour de chica, mojito, and Aperol spritz. These beverages taste great on their own or paired with any Manta’s signature dishes.

Owner Alberto “Titin” Ugarte Quesada promises that all the restaurant’s dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are “100% brought from Peru,” getting guests as close as possible to “the true Peruvian flavor.”

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A que se te antoja una crepe…A nosotros también y por eso es de nuestros lugares favoritos.

Sweet Paris is a Latin-owned creperie and café serving a variety of sweet and savory crepes elevated with quality ingredients, interesting flavors, and a celebratory atmosphere.

The café also serves mimosas and signature cocktails, such as the St. Tropez, a frozen mimosa made with strawberries and lavender.

On the other hand, if you want something more kid-friendly (or kid-at-heart-friendly), check out the café’s milkshakes. With fun flavors like Nutella Graham and Oreo, you’ll certainly find something that satisfies your sweet tooth and helps you beat the heat.

Try These Sweet Latino Treats in Miami Today

Los antojos son antojos.

It doesn’t matter if you want a cool cocktail or creamy gelato. There’s a chilly dessert or drink for every taste in Miami — and if you visit one of the places on this list, you can get the added perk of knowing you’re supporting a Latin-owned business!

Do you want to see more of what these and other Latin restaurants and Latin chefs in Miami have to offer (for desserts, main dishes, drinks, and more)? Mark your calendar for this year’s Miami Latin Restaurant Weeks.

The event runs from September 15-29 and is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the city’s many delectable Latin flavors. Check out the full menu today.

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